Friday, 18 May 2018



This year, the students who are in 5thB level of Primary have had the opportunity to meet friends from Greece. Our partner school´s  name is "Malama Hatzithoma School"
 We have exchanged cards through Cambridge penpals. 
The aim of this project is to use English as a communicative tool and at the same time to give the students the opportunity to know more about other cultures near us.

Here you have to click on the link to see our school´s profile from Cambrigde!!!

José Etxegarai Cambridge Penfriends!!! ⇐
We feel proud of ourselves!!! We have a lot of badges!!!


·     Access new, fun classroom activities.
·     Help your students practise reading and writing in English.
·     Connect to a school in another part of the world, safely and easily.
·     Develop a penpal relationship with another school, possibly by exchanging more letters, arranging a video conference or even a school exchange.
·     Take a break from the usual course of studying English.
·     Show students that English is practical, helping them communicate internationally.
·     Build your students' confidence as they communicate in English with another student.
·     Have confidence in a learning activity from Cambridge Assessment English.

We have learnt about their tastes and their culture, it has been really interesting!!!

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